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“Blessed are They That Mourn,” He Said.

NOW, why might Christ have gone and said that, about the walking wounded? What might he have seen that we […]

What Dreams May Come

Our whole experience together was dream reality was metaphor and yes I have left you with a very rich legacy […]

Jeff Takes A Journey

                                                 Who seeks for heaven alone to save his soul, May keep the path, but will not reach the goal; […]

Words From the Spirit: A Birthday Gift

Yes I guide your hand my love you steer your heart and it is there that I will live with […]

A Message of Peace, Planted in Time

I looked back and forth through the window of 15th century Spain, through the hues of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and was drawn into a fascinating world: history, religion, cross-cultural fertilization… For some medieval minds the mirror “was the door through which the soul frees itself by passing”…for others the pursuit of personal refinement was likened to “polishing the mirror of the soul.”

An Unexpected Visitor

  IF I'd learned anything from the first session with Dee, it was that there was absolutely no telling where […]

Looking Up At The Stars

What spiritual purpose was being served by our ongoing relationship? What was mine to know? Though many of these questions remained a mystery, I came to realize that the door that had opened up for me through Dee had forever changed my perception. Those images and insights that had slipped through the crack had quietly transformed me, leaving a sense of poetry and lyricism where only dark hopelessness had once festered. Pain is indeed real, pain is important, but it is only part of the picture. Might not magic also play a role?

Scott’s Last Words

Scott’s Last Words. No warrior on any field of battle had ever fought more bravely than Scott did at home and in the hospitals, but in the end his poor body simply couldn’t take anymore. His time had finally come. He had so earned his rest, but I was not prepared to let him go.