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An Unexpected Visitor

  IF I'd learned anything from the first session with Dee, it was that there was absolutely no telling where […]

Twin Souls and a Third Wheel

He was very sick towards the end.” I shuddered to think of him facing his death alone, and the agonizing tortures he must have suffered in the months before. “Very very sick and full of anxiety,” she continued. “But not anger. He said he wouldn’t be there if there was anything to be ironed out here. He wants you to know that.” The profound idea made sense, and something clicked within me.

A Letter from Scott, Outside of Time

Time is not an issue it just is a construct it's not important Most important realize that the space between […]

Scott’s Last Words

Scott’s Last Words. No warrior on any field of battle had ever fought more bravely than Scott did at home and in the hospitals, but in the end his poor body simply couldn’t take anymore. His time had finally come. He had so earned his rest, but I was not prepared to let him go.