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“Blessed are They That Mourn,” He Said.

NOW, why might Christ have gone and said that, about the walking wounded? What might he have seen that we […]

Night Falls Hard.

We seem to edge nearer to the edge of the edge…and a new beginning is dawning                         — Scott, Journal […]

Jeff Takes A Journey

                                                 Who seeks for heaven alone to save his soul, May keep the path, but will not reach the goal; […]

Seattle: A Spiritual Promise Fulfilled

  Seattle Moonrise 1996 P. Crockett Let me tell you again and you'll really get it eventually you were there […]

“You’re a Twin Soul!”

“It means that from the very dawn of time, when the sparks of creation first flew from the hands of God, you and another soul started your journeys together as one. You have always been together, and you always will be. It’s beautiful,” she continued, pausing, “you have danced together through infinity, in and out of lifetimes. This is why, Paul, you will never be alone.

Looking Up At The Stars

What spiritual purpose was being served by our ongoing relationship? What was mine to know? Though many of these questions remained a mystery, I came to realize that the door that had opened up for me through Dee had forever changed my perception. Those images and insights that had slipped through the crack had quietly transformed me, leaving a sense of poetry and lyricism where only dark hopelessness had once festered. Pain is indeed real, pain is important, but it is only part of the picture. Might not magic also play a role?

Dreams: A Sacred Meeting Ground

NOW, more than ever, I found myself caught between two worlds, comfortable in neither.  Despite the occasional highs of spiritual […]

Back Into Darkness

Your pain is the flip side of your love and it must be and I understand that Scott, April 1996,  […]

Love Makes a Family

Tell Bruce again that I love him never stop doing that…It means a lot to me that you keep my friendships ongoing they are gifts that I have left for you

Scott, April 1996

Channeled Writing

Who is Haunting Whom?

I will be there for you I have taken your hand already my love in fact I have never let go and we are going right where we need to!