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Jeff Takes A Journey

                                                 Who seeks for heaven alone to save his soul, May keep the path, but will not reach the goal; […]

“You’re a Twin Soul!”

“It means that from the very dawn of time, when the sparks of creation first flew from the hands of God, you and another soul started your journeys together as one. You have always been together, and you always will be. It’s beautiful,” she continued, pausing, “you have danced together through infinity, in and out of lifetimes. This is why, Paul, you will never be alone.

A Meeting of Soul Mates

…looking into the reflection of the moon in your eyes and leaning in to kiss you and at that exact […]

Love Makes a Family

Tell Bruce again that I love him never stop doing that…It means a lot to me that you keep my friendships ongoing they are gifts that I have left for you

Scott, April 1996

Channeled Writing

A Late Night Dialogue with My Ghost

You’re right, love, please don’t waste any time worrying about keeping me from my soul’s journey. My destiny on the cosmic level is so tied in with yours. We came a long way in a fairly short time, didn’t we love? An eternity in six years? Dee was right, we’re getting better at it each time we go around. Please be assured, I am right where I need to be.

Who is Haunting Whom?

I will be there for you I have taken your hand already my love in fact I have never let go and we are going right where we need to!

Poem For A Friend

I watched his face twitch and his eyes tear and the uncontrolled spasms as his hand struck his chest translucent […]

Always A Bridge To Connect The Gap – part 2

“Does that mean that they keep their personalities when they pass over to the other side? Their sense of humor?” “They don’t lose a bit of it,” she said, “they take it all with them. Especially when you get really down, his sense of humor comes out. He’s not going to be unhappy, he can’t be. He has to be happy, he’s earned that.” Scott had reached me, and touched me with his joy. Deep within, the dark clouds began to lift.

Always A Bridge To Connect The Gap – part One

And I hate to tell you this but I think you are going to meet somebody else.” Only weeks after Scott’s death, his love and loss my obsession, her words took me by surprise. “I really believe that he is in some way reaching you for this purpose,” she went on. “He’s the one that’s putting someone with you, so that you can go on. He’d be quite happy about it. You’ll never forget him. You’ll always hold him in your heart, but the love that you have to share he would like you to give to another, he really would. This is what he’s feeling. ‘Go on and then, when you meet, you’re not going to lose a thing, you’re not going to lose an ounce of that love.'”

A Spirit Begins To Stir – part one

On a deeper level, Scott’s brief communication offered a message of healing in another important way. During the years we made our way through life together, we had faced everything as a team. All of life’s joys were made sweeter in the sharing, and the inevitable slings and arrows softened by the shield of our love. But yet there I had been on the morning of Scott’s passing, left unable to share this most momentous of experiences with him. I had seen him all the way through, bearing witness to the crowning “experience of a lifetime,” but now felt keenly the depths of my isolation. More than ever before I longed to be with him in this experience, to talk it through with him, to somehow help soften its impact in the sharing. But death had slammed the door shut on me, and hard, leaving me unable to do so.