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A Thursday Night Channeling

A few weeks later, on one quiet Thursday evening in September, I strongly felt Scott’s presence. I lit a candle […]

Jeff Takes A Journey

                                                 Who seeks for heaven alone to save his soul, May keep the path, but will not reach the goal; […]

Seattle: A Spiritual Promise Fulfilled

  Seattle Moonrise 1996 P. Crockett Let me tell you again and you'll really get it eventually you were there […]

A Miracle Unfolds on Lincoln Road

Let me lead you you don't need to try you have earned me your guardian angel and I will take […]

Always A Bridge To Connect The Gap – part 2

“Does that mean that they keep their personalities when they pass over to the other side? Their sense of humor?” “They don’t lose a bit of it,” she said, “they take it all with them. Especially when you get really down, his sense of humor comes out. He’s not going to be unhappy, he can’t be. He has to be happy, he’s earned that.” Scott had reached me, and touched me with his joy. Deep within, the dark clouds began to lift.

Grief Unbounded: Plunge Into Darkness

and a year of uphill climbing crumbles in an instant… and the future careens as a front runner ready to […]

“Blessed are They That Mourn,” He Said: An Introduction

NOW, why might Christ have gone and said that, about the walking wounded? What might he have seen that we […]