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A Thursday Night Channeling

A few weeks later, on one quiet Thursday evening in September, I strongly felt Scott’s presence. I lit a candle […]

Awakening From The Dream

Oh how you burn for me and that's OK but trust me you're now seeing through a glass darkly as […]

Back Into Darkness

Your pain is the flip side of your love and it must be and I understand that Scott, April 1996,  […]

A Late Night Dialogue with My Ghost

You’re right, love, please don’t waste any time worrying about keeping me from my soul’s journey. My destiny on the cosmic level is so tied in with yours. We came a long way in a fairly short time, didn’t we love? An eternity in six years? Dee was right, we’re getting better at it each time we go around. Please be assured, I am right where I need to be.

“You Continue to Possess Me Even Now”

Despite the recurring dark anguish in my life, it seemed that as my path unfolded I was being given message after message, clue after miraculous clue, a key to every lock, just as I was ready to receive and to use them. I suppose spiritual awareness, like grief, is a process into which one must grow, sufficiently vast to require time for processing and for healing. A few weeks later, on a day