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Jeff Reminds Me of a Vision

and the experiences of risk are generally powerful and when the time comes to put over that line to get […]

Words From the Spirit: A Birthday Gift

Yes I guide your hand my love you steer your heart and it is there that I will live with […]

An Unexpected Visitor

  IF I'd learned anything from the first session with Dee, it was that there was absolutely no telling where […]

Always A Bridge To Connect The Gap – part One

And I hate to tell you this but I think you are going to meet somebody else.” Only weeks after Scott’s death, his love and loss my obsession, her words took me by surprise. “I really believe that he is in some way reaching you for this purpose,” she went on. “He’s the one that’s putting someone with you, so that you can go on. He’d be quite happy about it. You’ll never forget him. You’ll always hold him in your heart, but the love that you have to share he would like you to give to another, he really would. This is what he’s feeling. ‘Go on and then, when you meet, you’re not going to lose a thing, you’re not going to lose an ounce of that love.'”