Table Of Contents

Preface: “Blessed are They That Mourn,” He Said.

Chapter 1 Night Falls Hard

Chapter 2 Scott's Last Words

Chapter 3 A Meeting of Soul Mates

Chapter 4 Life In The Shadow Of Death

Chapter 5 Grief Unbounded: Plunge Into Darkness

Chapter 6 Cry Unto Heaven: A Sequence Unwinding

Chapter 7 A Little Help From My Friends

Chapter 8 A Spirit Begins To Stir

Chapter 9 Dreams: A Sacred Meeting Ground

Chapter 10 A Letter From Scott, Outside of Time

Chapter 11 Always A Bridge To Connect the Gap -Part 1- A Blessed Messenger

Chapter 12 Always a Bridge to Connect the Gap – Part 2

Chapter 13 Back Into Darkness

Chapter 14 Seeking Refuge in Color

Chapter 15 "You Continue To Possess Me Even Now"

Chapter 16 A Late Night Dialogue With My Ghost

Chapter17 Love Makes A Family

Chapter 18 Looking Up At The Stars

Chapter 19 An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 20 A Message of Reconciliation

Chapter 21 "You're a Twin Soul!"

Chapter 22 Twin Souls and a Third Wheel

Chapter 23 A Message of Peace, Planted in Time

Chapter 24 A Relationship Goes Two Ways

Chapter 25 The First Man I Loved

Chapter 26 A Pilgrimage Home to Mississippi

Chapter 27 A Prophecy is Fulfilled

Chapter 28 “Paul, That’s Me She’s Talking About!”

Chapter 29 A Return to Leake Street.

Chapter 30 Words From the Spirit: A Birthday Gift

Chapter 31 A Miracle Unfolds On Lincoln Road

Chapter 32 Scott Breaks Through

Chapter 33 Denise Helps Me Cross The Bridge

Chapter 34 Seattle: A Spiritual Promise Fulfilled

Chapter 35 Jeff Takes A Journey

Chapter 36 Scott Makes Peace

Chapter 37 A Visit with Thunder Cloud

Chapter 38 A Sacred Occurrence

Chapter 39  Jeff Reminds Me of a Vision

Chapter 40  Jeff Takes One Journey for the Road

Chapter 41  A Welcome Back Home

Chapter 42 Awakening From the Dream

Chapter 43 What Dreams May Come

Chapter 44 An Unexpected Key

Chapter 45 A Spiritual Vision, Long Distance

Chapter 46 Following the Directions Home

Chapter 47 David’s Voice, Scott’s Words

Chapter 48 Scott on the Line

Chapter 51 A Thursday Night Channeling

Chapter 52 Who is Haunting Whom?