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I know that you are out there.

Over the past several years, I have shared my story, led workshops called Opening Up to New Sources of Power: Embracing Relationships with the Dead in a variety of venues, and heard countless stories from people of virtually every gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc., imaginable, about their own unique experiences of contact and/or relationship with loved ones that have crossed over.  Some of the tales are absolutely amazing, but even the most simple of them (perhaps for that very reason) carry an astonishing resonance, and bear untapped potential to heal others lost in grief.

Later in the book, I describe an encounter with a Native American teacher of the Oglala Sioux tribe named Thunder Cloud, whom I was privileged to meet in Seattle, WA.  I accompanied my friend Jeff Danese to a meeting with him, and was very impressed by his manner and eloquence.  I asked if I might ask a question, and he said “of course.”  “Do you believe in a God, or Great Spirit, whatever name you might call it?” I will never forget his response.  He sat there, rolling a cigarette, and looked up at me with a smile on his face, and said “I believe that there is a Great Mystery.”

Miami Moon (Moonlight Symphony) P. Crockett     2003

Only rarely in life might one be expected to receive such a deep and complete response to such an important and immensely “loaded” question.  I have savored and shared that answer, because think it about it: it renders irrelevant such terms as agnostic, atheist, and perhaps even believer.  Show me anyone who denies the existence of a great mystery, and I will show you someone who (put most gently) is walking in their sleep.

I know little for sure, but I do know that such a Great Mystery ties together all that is now, ever has been, or will be, and that we, each and every one of us, are a part of it.  On the deepest level I know of, we are much more than simply connected: we are all (and without exception) woven together into some huge, grand, and living  tapestry.

So: my thought is to help create an online forum for cultivation of community, sharing, and support around our experiences of our beloved dead, and to invite your contribution to see what that might look like.  If you feel so led, I would be honored to help share your personal experience of how love never dies, or what insights or experience might have helped you along the path of your journey of grief.  Any contributions would be welcome.  Confidentiality would be absolutely and unconditionally protected, to the extent desired.

Poinciana in Bloom (the Angels Cannot be Far) P. Crockett     2003

Should you stand undecided about sharing your experience of such a personal matter, I would strongly encourage you to go for it.  Your story need not be fancy, or beautifully written.  Just real.  You need not even fully understand it.  This is an exploration of a mystery in an area of greatest tenderness and deepest woundedness, and all contributions will be honored and respected as such.

Think about it: in sharing your story you might touch another’s heart, and keep hope alive.  Maybe even save a life.

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail at  Thank you!