About the Author

PAUL HAMPTON CROCKETT is an artist and attorney (you figure it out!) living in his crazed but wonderful hometown of Miami, FL.  He practices with The Crockett Law Firm there, focusing on probate and estate planning, as well as the representation of the legal rights of sexual minorities and the growing number of people affected by HIV.  He has been HIV-positive for 22 years, and has remained active in community-based organizations, public education, and advocacy.  He has also had published numerous newspaper and magazine columns dealing with the legal concerns of sexual minorities and people with HIV, published Gay Law 101, a book on the subject of gay and lesbian legal rights, and been published by The Florida Bar on the subject of helping clients plan for disability. His second book, HIV Law: A Survival Guide to the Legal System for People Living with HIV, was published by Random House in 1997 and widely acclaimed.

Crockett’s journey as an always-learning, self-taught artist was fueled by his HIV diagnosis in 1990; that became the year he needed to paint. His work has remained driven by that sense of urgency, and a mad hunger to see and express. The paintings have been well-loved, locally and beyond.  Some of his work can be can be seen online at  http://growingintothemystery.net/ His partner in life is the famed brilliant eccentric, Alan Langdon.  They live with their wondrous cat Hoppers and (from time to time) numerous guests from around the world in their little Havana compound, viewable at http://lostreefcottage.net/ and http://www.welcometothemission.net/ He is currently at work on his next manuscript, an autobiographical travelougue of his ongoing spiritual journey, titled Death is an Impostor. You are looking at it! He can be reached at crockettartworks@gmail.com