WOW! “Contact” in Popular Culture!

"I Talked With my Dead Wife!"

FROM Strange World Of Your Dreams #1, Quality Publications, Aug. 1952. A comic book created by the legendary team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, acknowledged as an early and innovative effort to “break free of the mold” of traditional comic book fare, and possibly appeal to a broader and more discerning audience. The book ran its course within 4 issues. This is the first story told in the first issue, certainly thought-provoking and a wonderful tale.

I present it here because, fictional or not, I see it as an extremely true story. Miracles surround us always, and yet we tend to miss completely any burning bushes until we’re smelling smoke from somewhere behind us, and look down only to see our little toe-sies singed!

I could fabricate an impressive egg-headed analysis as to the archetypal commonality of its themes, cultural subtext, etc., but truth is, the little kid in me just wants to include a comic book story in his blog!  And in that same spirit, he invites you to simply enjoy it:

Thank you.