A Message of Peace, Planted in Time

Bound as we are by physicality and its consequences, we can only begin to imagine the nature of being in the realm of spirit.  From the very first channeled writing Scott had communicated the illusory nature of both space (referring to the perceived separation so real to me) and time, two defining aspects of the human experience.  Those aware and conscious, yet not encumbered by the limitations and bulk of the human body, apparently experienced vision of a different sort.  And in that perception, time as we know it seemed to play no important role.

Time after time, I was to receive glimpses of insight through Dee and others that at first made little or no sense, but later ripened in time.  I was therefore often coached to simply "pay attention," wait, and remain aware if any given message remained cryptic.  One such incident arose during this session with Dee.  Giving voice to a burning question carried within me since Scott's passing, I asked "Dee, is there anything I can do for Scott?  To somehow help him out where he is now?"  As always, I longed to somehow show him my love, to do anything I possibly could.  She replied quickly and firmly "No, but there's a lot he can do for you.  See, you need to understand that he's now in a much better position to make things happen for you than he was when he was here."

She suddenly laughed, as if at a private joke.  "He said there's nothing anybody can do for him now, nothing.  He's saying, you can't even polish his soul!"  We both laughed.  "This one's got a sense of humor," she chuckled.  "Yeah, he's being funny.  He's pure soul now, and he says you can't even polish that!"  I smiled, thinking to myself "Yep, that sounds like Scott all right."

At the time, because neither of us understood the full import of Scott's strange statement, we simply took his words as frivolous and playful.  And that had been enough.  Only several months later, however, was the missing piece of the puzzle revealed, leading at last to the realization that the seed of the message had ripened in time.  I received a phone call from a friend who had lost his life partner, Warren, shortly after Scott's passing, who stunned me with the announcement that "Paul, I heard from Warren today."  Since my friend (like so many of my others) had been lovingly supportive and polite, but highly skeptical, the words surprised me.  In short, he had been led by an odd chain of circumstance to purchase a c.d. by musician Loreena McKennitt titled the mask and mirror, and after listening his heart had become convinced beyond all doubt that two of its recordings represented a clear communication from Warren.

McKennitt works by seeking out musical inspiration for her recordings through focused research and study of various places and times in history, in this case fifteenth century Spain.  I had not yet heard the album, and my friend and I talked about content and context and spiritual contact.  As the unexpected conversation evolved, I shared with him parts of the manuscript bearing on the mystery.  When I mentioned the line about "polishing my soul," he quickly cut me off.  "That reminds me of something," he trailed off.  "Hang on, let me go grab it."  When he returned a moment later, he read me the following stunning language from her liner notes Introducing the cd, and amplifying her concept behind it:

I looked back and forth through the window of 15th century Spain, through the hues of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and was drawn into a fascinating world: history, religion, cross-cultural fertilization… For some medieval minds the mirror "was the door through which the soul frees itself by passing"…for others the pursuit of personal refinement was likened to "polishing the mirror of the soul."

 If I could rely upon one certainty based upon my conversations with Dee, it was that she was no medieval European scholar.  No, the words had been Scott's alone, and their message entirely clear.  "I am complete at the moment, thank you," I could now understand his peaceful reply, "you need only attend to yourself and the task before you.”  Or, put another way, “Tend to me by taking good care of yourself.”

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