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“Blessed are They That Mourn,” He Said.

NOW, why might Christ have gone and said that, about the walking wounded? What might he have seen that we […]

Scott Breaks Through

…my friendship with you always changes like the colors of flame the fuel is endless the fuel is time and […]

A Welcome Back Home

Never far away  always as close as your heart. Scott, November 1996, Channeled Writing The Artist's Home at Night P. […]

Jeff Takes One Journey for the Road

  …Leake Street lives and to come together again and rebond and join and conjure memories of past trips to […]

A Sacred Occurrence

The Road to Terry’s P. Crockett I am so grateful, God, that you have taken me along this path…and that […]

David’s Voice, Scott’s Words

  On a day like today I affirm with you vows made to God to raise me to my greatest […]

Scott On the Line…

  I heard you and felt you my love you are just something else you are not content to remain […]

Following the Directions Home

AS my heart stirred with David's words and the unexpected intensity and direction of our conversation, my first thought was […]

A Spiritual Vision, Long Distance

You will find doors swinging wide open for you, it will make your head spin –Scott, November 1996, Channeled Writing […]

An Unexpected Key

You will find, my love, that you will not need to seek these lessons out, you are on a special […]